Saxby, Leicestershire – Thankful Village #52

Saxby is in walking distance from Teigh and it’s the first village I arrive in by foot.

Tor from the rectory in Teigh made me a packed lunch. I search in vain for the old railway station but as I suspected it was flattened a few years earlier.

I am on my own again but my rucksack is full of friends. I write a song about it.

I meet Angie who is keen to help me a put a show on in Saxby. I save my song to play live at the show a few months later.

Angie and Pudsey decorate a dutch barn in orange and I play for the village with my friend Dan. Audrey and George arrive from Teigh, villagers come from East Norton.

I play them the sound of a steam train coming in to Saxby in 1957. The sun opens up and I play them a song about their village.